About Preach

Our Intent


Our Vision

We acknowledge ourselves as being divinely guided and preached to:
  • Serve and uplift the life of mankind thereby contributing to the betterment of the universe.

  • Contribute to the learning of Homeopathy, as a holistic science for students, doctors, professionals, the common man i.e. the patients in general.

  • To be a medium of health to all.

  • Operating via our own team of awesome professionals for this divine work, having loving and harmonious bond unifying each one of us.

  • Entertaining everyone’s ideas as good and divinely inspired.

  • Channeling beautifully, it’s message to everyone rising above any feeling of competition because, we believe, only love and co-operation exist in the spiritual realm.

  • Spreading and sharing divine ideas all over the gifted planet for a generous purpose.

  • Having harmonious health benefits and abundant stock options, carrying it’s own finance on no profit-no loss.

  • Above all making a difference in the world.

We all Homoeopathic physicians are blessed beyond our wildest dreams. We are the 'chosen ones' to follow the footsteps laid down by our master. We have the potential to heal the maladies of not only present but future generations too, such is the power of the divine tools i.e. Homoeopathic medicines we have been provided.

In aphorism 9 Dr. Hahnemann mentions that during the healthy state our spiritual vital force maintains harmony in the body so that our indwelling reason gifted mind can freely employ this living, healthy instrument for the higher purpose of our existance. So all of us have come in this world for a higher purpose of existance. We must realise that and proceed accordingly.

In this beautiful garden of Homoeopathy, Preach is a new blooming flower. As the words pacific means; disposed to be peaceful or promoting peace, the aim of Preach is to be in harmony with everyone around us. During our development from childhood to adulthood humans carry forward many unwanted conceptions about themselves and their environment in the form of fears, lacks, resentments, hurts. As a result of this delusive state they cease to express their true potential and attract adverse circumstances and diseases in their lives. Homoeopathy has the capability to bring them back to their original path of health and evolution.

Inspite of Homoeopathy being the ultimate truth, we as students and physicians get confused and lost in darkness of doubts. Preach aims to be the guiding light for young budding students of Homoeopathy as well practitioners. We share knowledge we have received from our masters and pass it on to all aspiring homoeopaths. As our master has laid down guidelines for the highest ideal of cure, similarly we aim to spread his knowledge in simple, practical and easily comprehensible way.

At Preach we provide selfless service to our fellow homoeopaths by organising regular classes, seminars, workshops and clinical trainings as well for our society by organising free HOPE FOR HOPELESS camps at various parts of Punjab and Delhi where mentally retarded, cerebral palsy, autistic, deaf and dumb children are treated free of cost.While treating the patients based on divine law of Homoeopathy not only they get cured of their ailments but also get rid of their negative mental blocks and false beleifs and hence they add harmony to their family, society, country and universe itself.

Lets join hand in hand to learn the beautiful Divine science and be a part of this noble cause. Lets spread good health, harmony, peace and love, this is the ultimate aim of PREACH.